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Bringing a cat into your home for the first time can be very exciting and fulfilling. Each cat has a character all their own, just like us. And we always try to make the best fit for both of you, and that the cats will be in the best possible home.

All rescues have an adoption process that a prospective cat owner must meet and we are no different. Please know that if for some reason you cannot keep the cat you adopted from us, we will want the cat returned to us and not a shelter.


Where every rescue is different, these are the items included in Felines First contract.

I AGREE to abide by all laws and ordinances established by the community I live in with regards to owning an animal. If I choose to move at a later date, I agree that this adopted animal is part of my family and I will ONLY look for places that allow my furry family members to live with me.

I AGREE to provide the animal with safe shelter, fresh water, proper food and nutrition, adequate companionship and all necessary medical care if the animal becomes sick or injured. I will be a responsible pet owner and take my new family member to the veterinarian for routine annual exams, blood work, vaccinations, dental hygiene appointments and internal parasite screenings.

I AGREE to NEVER declaw the animal under ANY circumstances. I understand the declawing is a painful and unnecessary procedure involving amputation of part of the cat's toes. Declawed cats have no way to defend themselves should they escape outdoors and are also more likely to develop arthritis and improper elimination problems. There are other options.

I AGREE that if any behavioral problems arise with this animal (i.e. improper scratching or elimination), I will work with the animal, Felines First Rescue (FFR) and/or a Veterinarian/Behaviorist to help resolve the issue.

I AGREE that this animal will never be euthanized in a non-emergency situation without notifying Felines First Rescue by certified mail and allowing 14 days for a response.

I AGREE to notify Felines First Rescue immediately if this animal is lost or stolen and agree to make every effort to find the animal.

I AGREE that if for any reason, at any point in the future I cannot keep the animal, I will contact Felines First Rescue immediately. FFR will work with me to find an appropriate new home for the feline. The animal will NEVER be surrendered to an animal shelter or to a person unknown to Felines First. Transfer of ownership is strictly prohibited without written approval from Felines First.

I AGREE to notify FFR if I move and agree to provide the new physical address, mailing address, phone number and updated email addresses. I understand that Felines First Rescue may periodically check in on this animal to be assured of compliance with the items in this contract.

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE that Felines First Rescue is not affiliated, governed or sponsored by any other business, entity or corporation and all comments, complaints, suggestions or correspondence should be directed to our Contact Us web-email form.

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE to be solely responsible for this animal and to indemnify and hold harmless Felines First Rescue Agents, Owners, Representatives and Volunteers from any and all claims of liability for the conduct of this feline on or after the date of this adoption and agreement of contract.

I UNDERSTAND AND AGREE the following terms and conditions constitute a legal contract enforceable by Civil Law. Any breach of this contract in part or whole requires the adopter to voluntarily relinquish the adopted feline, any paperwork and any records that pertain back to Felines First Rescue within five (5) days of notification. This will be at your expense and you will not have entitlement to any refund or damages of any kind.

If you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the above items, please do not hesitate to ask. The purpose of this contract is to ensure a long, happy life for you and your new family member.

If you can AGREE to our contract, then CONTACT US to discuss all the kitties we have up for adoption RIGHT NOW!!

Thank you for your interest in our rescue and we look forward to speaking with you soon.

You can download our .pdf document:

Felines First Rescue Adoption Application, Contract and Agreement

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