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Cat Care

Congratulations! on bringing a new kitty into your home and heart. We believe all cats deserve a good home and we've some tips on how you and your kitty can enrich your world together.

Caring For Kittens

Your new kitten deserves the best possible start in life. Learn about kitten care, nutrition, vaccinations, and more. This is the beginning of a wonderful journey for your and your kitten. Cherish your memories together!

"A kitten in the animal world, is what a rosebud is in the garden."

~ Robert Southey

Caring For Adult Cats

There is something special about an adult rescue cat that is unique, in that they are very happy to have a second chance of having a loving, safe, forever home. Adult cats are familiar with the home environment, but will take some adjusting to a new home. With respect, you'll earn kitty love!

"There is something about the presence of a cat... that seems to take the bite out of being alone." ~Louis J. Camuti

Caring For Senior Cats

These wonderful older cats are usually taken to shelters because their current caretaker has died, and not because they were a problem cat. Adopting a senior kitty certainly has its advantages, because they already know the score when it comes to being in a loving home. Their only need is to be part of a loving family again.

"I pet her and she pays me back in purrs." ~Terri Guillemets


It is always important for you to be aware of what each season holds in store for your kitty.

It is your responsibility to make the necessary effort to assure that your kitty is safe at any time of the year.

Sometimes we get so busy with our own lives, especially around the holidays, that we easily forget to take precautions to make sure that you, your guests, and your pets are safe and everybody can enjoy the holidays... and every day of the year, too! Make it a fun, healthy, happy year for your whole family...two feet and four!

"The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on." ~Carl Sandburg

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