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Fundraising: Pick. Click. Give.

Fundraiser Alert:

After our fire, a lot of our medical supplies were burnt and of no use. Please help us to replenish our medical supplies so we can continue to help our kitties stay healthy and move forward to new homes. ALSO: Felines First Rescue has two big bills coming up in the Month of November: Keller (blind feral) is heading to Astoria for a MAJOR spay day on 11/16... we are thinking it will be ~$500. And we have SEVEN going in for spay and neuter at Cat Adoption Team which will also be ~$500. If you have a little extra, could you send it the kitties way?

Fundraising Alerts

This #GivingTuesday, we have the goal of raising $11,000 to offset recent costs to the rescue. It will cover costs accrued for:

♥15 Speuter Spa Days for kitties for recent intake

♥Speuter Spa Days for the WitchHazel Colony

♥Speuter Spa Days for the BSAR rescue pull

♥Unexpected costs accrued during and after transport for the BSAR rescued crew

♥Dental surgery day for blind kitty Keller

♥Various other extra minor medical costs recently accrued

Feral Colony Rescue Needs Funding!

We hope you will always check for our latest fundraising alerts. These alerts are special requests for funding for each topic that is shown. 

Thank you for supporting our rescue efforts!

 ❤ Pick. Click. Give. 

You get to pick the fundraiser you want to use, and that helps Felines First Rescue get donations for our rescue kitties. We are sure you will find one, two, or maybe more that appeal to you. We're always adding something new, so check back often.
When you Pick. Click. Give. please know that you help our rescue with donations that help us to save more kitties from shelters, so they can have a second chance at having a safe and loving furever home. Every dollar helps! We sincerely thank you =^..^=

We have more fundraising opportunities coming soon,

so check back often and see what we've added to: Pick. Click. Give.

And Thank You for your support!

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