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Please know that every dollar helps

We rely heavily on the support and donations from our community. It is through funding from you, the public and our viewers, that allows Felines First Rescue to:

  • Continue Saving Lives
  • Prevent Over Population By Spaying and Neutering
  • Assists Us In Adopting Happy and Healthy Animals To Furever Homes.

We sincerely Thank You for your consideration of making a donation and helping with our Fundraising Alerts.

The Many Ways of Donating:

  • MONETARY GIFT ♥ made directly to Felines First Rescue
  • MEMORIAL GIFT ♥ can be made either in the name of a beloved pet, or in the name of a person
  • MONTHLY GIVING ♥ these donation gifts provide a consistent, reliable income for our rescue
  • PLANNED GIVING ♥ remembering Felines First Rescue in your estate plans is the perfect way to continue making the world a bright place for cats
  • CORPORATE GIVING ♥ each corporate gift represents potential to fund all aspects of our volunteer rescue ~ we are a 501(c)(3) non profit.

FUNDRAISING: Pick. Click. Give.

View all our many different ways in which you can help us raise funds for Felines First Rescue: click the button. You're online anyway, so why not choose us as your charity. Plus see our Fundraiser Alert. Check back often to see what we have added!

Basic Needs For Our Rescue:


  • Kitty Litter, Litter boxes, Urine Pads
  • Cat Food: Dry (Bagged) + Canned (Wet)
  • Carriers, Blankets, Towels, Food Bowls
  • Cat Beds/Toys/Scratchers
  • Gift Card to Pet Supply Store


  • Laundry Soap
  • Antibacterial Cleaner + Bleach
  • Paper Towels
  • Floor Cleaner (ask us what we like to use)
  • Gift Card to Grocery Store


  • Postage Stamps (Forever)
  • Copy Paper (Pens+Pencils+Clip Boards)
  • File Folders + File Cabinet
  • Computer (Laptop or PC)
  • Gift Card to Office Supply Store

Thank You for your consideration of a donation gift to our Rescue.

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