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Who We Are

Our Mission and Values Statement

Felines First Rescue (FFR) is a no-kill 501(c)(3) registered non-profit consisting of a dedicated network of volunteers and foster homes who all strive to help and care for the abandoned, stray,helpless, and homeless felines in the Portland Metro area of Oregon. Although we are a feline rescue operating out of Washington County, we extend our services to all over Oregon – and sometimes other West Coast states.

Felines First was founded upon a passion to make a difference in as many feline lives as possible through foster care, adoption services, community education, and trap-neuter-return programs. As we grow, our reach and abilities have grown with it to serve beyond these areas. We believe in assembling a team with an undying

compassion for animals with a focus on collaborative work among team members and between local animal rescue organizations to maximize effectiveness for serving felines in our community.

Felines First Rescue takes pride in being an unique animal rescue. We serve cats of all ages (kitten to senior), all breeds, all needs, and all situations (feral, stray, abandoned, domestic). Despite our small size, we are able to provide an extensive amount of veterinary medical for rescued felines, from simple routine care to extensive specialized treatment. Unlike other rescues, our Executive Director personally attends to each phone call, e-mail, and Facebook message the rescue receives in order to provide personalized service and to best meet the needs of all those who seek our help or services. FFR has a lifetime return policy because we believe in providing furever homes for all felines – and we realize life happens in unexpected ways.

All felines are provided extensive veterinary services before leaving our care. Each kitten and cat are examined by a veterinarian, assessed for any special needs or other specialized medical care, vaccinated, tested, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. We believe in every adoption being

PURRFECT and FUREVER; and are committed to providing post-adoption counseling, proper feline education encompassing many facets, and working as an expert resource for our community.

Meet The FFR Team:


The Head Cat Lady!

Hello! I have been rescuing homeless, abandoned, and feline friends who have lost their families for almost 9 years now. I have taken in, cared for, medicated, cried over loss, coached through labor and delivery, celebrated adoptions and all around love cats.

I work full time as an Office Manager for a Software Engineering company to support my CCL (crazy cat lady) lifestyle...basically work two full time jobs...all for the love of cats.

I have been with my human soulmate for 10 years and feel blessed that I found somebody in this world that supports me, my love of cats and my rescue on a daily basis. Our home is a constant shuffle of foster kitties plus our our own purr-fect family and two dogs. Our house is constantly busy but we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves otherwise.

FFR is funded by my personal paycheck and the support of my amazing foster parents...all with the desire to make this world a better place for our feline friends. We always appreciate adoptions, support and donations!! =^..^=


Director of Communications and Business Development

I have volunteered with animal rescues since I was in high school (13+ years), becoming a more involved animal advocate in college. I have an undying passion for helping animals, and educate myself daily on best animal care practices both domestically and in rescue work. Like Jesse, I am another crazy cat lady that wishes she could save (and keep) them all! Instead, I strive to

make as much difference in the world as I can through educating others and what little resources I have.  

I met Jesse back in 2010-ish when she was involved in another rescue, and forged a friendship that lasted beyond my move back to California. I have been using my handmade business as a tool for donating to her rescue efforts, but recently decided to take the leap to volunteer in a more

labor-intensive capacity using my business and social media expertise. I am beyond excited to contribute my skillset and am ecstatic for the thrilling future of growth and impact FFR has before it!


Director of Rescue Operations

First off I love cats! Their purrs, their playfulness with devilish pounces of furry and sleeping time full of cuddles.

I have been associated with cat rescue for roughly 10 years, solely working with Jesse at Felines First Rescue as a feral/ behavioral/ shy/ or just your regular needs a lot cat socializer. I thoroughly enjoy seeing the transformation in these cats and the finding of their FurEVER homes.

Most recently, I have been fostering a great cat named Colton with neurological issues causing him to wobble when he walks. I also have been working with a group of feral cats that were part of feral trap, spay and neuter program that are almost ready to be put up for adoption


Adoption Counselor

Hi! I am "new" to FFR, but not to animal rescue, foster care, and volunteer duties! I have spent the last 15 years working in veterinary medicine as an administrator and assistant veterinary technician; 7 years spent in "feline-only" vet practices.I have spent the last 3.5 years working with another local rescue group, Cat Adoption Team (CAT),and have held a variety of positions

including Foster Program Assistant as well as Hospice Foster, Caregiver, Adoption Counselor, and Co-Site Coordinator at an "Outreach" (offsite) adoption center.

Coming to FFR was a no brainer once I met Jesse and learned more about their small group of rescuers. I helped transport a litter of kittens from

Troutdale and delivered them to their foster home in West Linn and that was it. Helping out in any capacity was my goal. At the Washington

Square PetSmart outreach location, formerly operated by CAT (where I did Co-Site Coordinator work since 2014) became available to other local groups, I decided to volunteer with FFR since I knew the location, store staff, and it is super close to our new home.

I am the owner of a local professional pet sitting company and surround myself with animals at any chance I can. Cats, and especially older, "harder to adopt" ones and "medically challenged"ones are my specialty. I care for all of them as if they were my very own. I have provided Hospice Foster to 4 senior cats through various groups that needed a break from the shelter due to stress. I have let 3 of them live out their lives in my home (i.e. arms) and let them pass with dignity in a loving home, not in a scary shelter. I currently have two 6-year-old cats, one 15-year-old hospice foster, a 7-year-old Labrador mix and 2 rescue guinea pigs. I have been told we "are officially at our limit" from my husband!

My role as Adoption Counselor is to make lifelong matches of people with felines. I look forward to meeting cat lovers everywhere I go. Look for me at the Washington Square PetSmart outreach location on weekends!


Junior Chief Cat Socializer

Bio currently unavailable.


Foster Care

Hi! My daughter and I have been connected with Felines First since 2012 when we adopted two beautiful, 4-month-old sisters. As Keira and Sarafina immersed themselves into our hearts and home, we got to know Jesse and the selfless work she does with Felines First. Always in need of more foster homes, we opened an extra bedroom to our first foster family in the spring of 2014. After raising four babies and getting them all (and their mama) placed with loving homes, we’ve moved on to family #2: A sweet mama who gave birth to five precious babies in our home. There’s nothing better than walking into that foster room and having all those itty bitty faces looking up at you…and knowing through Felines First, they will get a perfect start in this world with shots, micro-chipping, and spaying/neutering before going to their forever homes. Whether you adopt, foster, or support Felines First with donations…all you have to do is look at the photos posted on this site and you can’t help but feel good about helping this organization and all those kitties and families who are brought together because of what Felines First does.


Foster Care

Bio currently unavailable.


Foster Care

Bio currently unavailable.


Foster Care

Bio currently unavailable.


Foster Care

Bio currently unavailable.


Foster Care

Thanks for providing me with an opportunity to help cats and kittens find their furrever homes. The need is great and I am happy to play a small role in the success of this amazing group!Bio currently unavailable.


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Bio currently unavailable.


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Bio currently unavailable.


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Hi there! Since my wife is very actively involved in local cat & kitten rescue groups, I have been welcomed into the fold as well! I volunteered with CAT as a Caregiver for the past 2 years with our teen daughter, also a cat-aholic, like her mother. I enjoy being a jack-of-all-trades volunteer,and have been known to lend a hand at special events and with any and all tasks that need doing.I am a pretty easy going guy and really enjoy helping.Bio currently unavailable.


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Hello! Even though I am a teenager, I have been helping my mother with volunteering for the past 3 years. I started my volunteer duties at CAT as well when I was 12. I have experience caring for my own pets as well. I love working with and caring for the cats and kittens that need homes. In my volunteer duties, I am assisting in the care, handling, and cleaning that the outreach center requires. My mom has me help her with some other grooming duties like trimming toenails and brushing and shaving mats. I have also helped her with holding cats when they get medicine. I enjoy my time spent volunteering quite a bit!


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Bio currently unavailable.


Adoption Site Caregiver - Petsmart

Bio currently unavailable.

Also, see what our fantastic Foster Parents have helped us do in 2014: CLICK HERE

You can download our brochure, and discover more about us who we are!

Felines First Rescue is a recognized 501(c)(3) non profit.


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